Swansea Paediatric Diabetic Clinic

Swansea Paediatric Diabetic Clinic

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Just to let you know Dr Bidder informs me that  job adverts are out at present for a Dietitian and part time Psychologist (shared between the children's diabetes teams in Swansea, Neath and Bridgend).  Dr Bidder hopes families who feel they need more support for their children in these areas will be able to access it next year.

ABM have decided to adopt new National sick day rules guidelines and will discuss these with families in clinic.  There are subtle differences to what families have been told in the past, but the principles remain the same.  All of the Wales units have adopted them.  ABM hope they will serve as a springboard to allow them to develop an all Wales 24 hour advice phone line.


Also two requests for help:


1.  Last year, 3 of our 120+ patients in Swansea did the online feedback or PREM form.  I've attached the flyer and graphics for this year’s PREM which is open now until the New Year.  It is a useful exercise that we do listen to and allows us to compare to other clinics.  It takes 5 minutes to complete and is accessible from smart phones, tablets and laptops.  This is your chance to have your say on your experiences in clinics, I know the Diabetic Team would be more than happy to have some feedback this year, so let’s go for more than 3 people completing the feedback.  Please note at the moment, when doing the PREM families will have to choose Singleton as their unit.  It will say Morriston soon.

2.  If any parents / teens / ex-patients have some IT skills and would like to help the Diabetic Team set-up a website for families to access (with all the documents we give out, service details, performance results and peer reviews , links to CFK etc etc) then please  get in touch with Dr Bidder via Helen, my secretary (Tel: 530745)